Robert Pluma is a Mexican-American and Coahuiltecan multimedia documentary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He is dedicated to creating intimate documentary work examining  inequality and human nature to generate shifts in perspective and systemic change.

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was born in Southeast Los Angeles and has lived in NYC for over two decades.

He grew up around industrial latino neighborhoods in the urban sprawl of LA, not often in one place for very long. He moved to NYC as a kid and has lived in Brooklyn for 13 years.

Robert's work has been featured in film, print, television, and digital media. Projects include Tribeca Film Festival Transmedia award winner Sandy Storyline [as video editor, audio engineer, and content contributor] and personal projects focused on colonialism, gender identity, and the effects of the US criminal justice system.

Robert's visual art practice extends beyond traditional formats to reach deeper into the physical world. Past creative projects have included data visualization, electro-mechanical installations, light sculpture, and other innovative means of conveying information and ideas. In addition to photography, moving images, and recorded audio, Robert's artwork has incorporated woodworking, welding, music, and electronics.

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